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Allexis presents integrated software product solutions which implement effective results to fight against all types of tax fraud. Intended for state administration authorities, business entities as well as common people, they bring the effective elimination of illegal activities and many other benefits in the form of time and financial savings, increased effectiveness of business processes as well as increased security during financial transactions.

In recent years we have focused ourselves on the development of products and solutions dedicated for public administrations, namely tax and customs offices, which are aimed to fight tax fraud and tax evasion.

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We don’t only solve your problems on a short term basis, but we find the causes of their origin. We bring solutions, which eliminate the existing problems and prevent new ones arising in the future. For our clients we deliver solutions that are innovative and highly effective.

As business consultants, we specialize in government and insurance, and we’ve implemented a large number of successful projects over the years.

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We have worked together with Allexis in the design and implementation of planning and management systems for inspections of insurance incidents since 2008. With Allexis’s professional approach we have achieved the optimization of processes associated with insurance incidents, while increasing the standards of services provided for the clients of Allianz. We appreciate the helpfulness and flexibility of Allexis, especially in such cases of special requirements.

Jozef Hrdý, Head of the Claims Settlement, Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa, a.s.

The aim of this project, which had been implemented by Allexis, was to develop a competency model of employees and the jobs included in an integrated rescue system. The main benefit of the project was to set-up a catalog of jobs and to definr required knowledge and skills, as well as the social characteristics of each individual position with a reference to competency model and to develop the individual development plans for each individual person for a period of five years. We respected the flexibility of the entire project team, mainly due to the limited time for the project implementation. We recognize the project a success. We worked together on this project at the highest professional level during the whole implementation.

Ing. Ladislav Szakállos, Head of Operational Management Section of Crisis Management , Ministry of Interior of Slovak Republic

We will bring your project up to the highest level.

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